In "Timeless Thomas," what was the name of Thomas Edison's first movie studio?

In "Dear Dear," what kind of dessert does the moose love?

In "Now & Ben," which invention did Benjamin Franklin NOT invent?

President Lincoln was elected in 1860. When was President Kennedy elected?

In "Zoola Palooza" what did Billy the striped Bass wear around his neck?

In "Dear Deer," what is the name of the book the monkey is reading?

In "Timeless Thomas," what was the nickname of Thomas Edison's laboratory in Menlo Park, NJ?

In "Neo Leo," what was unusual about Leonardo Da Vinci's handwriting?

Which career did Abraham Lincoln NOT have before he was president?

Which two robot designs by Leonardo Da Vinci are featured in "Neo Leo?"

In "Now & Ben," which musical instrument did Benjamin Franklin invent?

In "Zoola Palooza," what did Sally Mander dress up as?